It is essential for every business to manage it's costs. Keeping the expenditures on lower level gives you the opportunity to invest in technologies that also keep our environment clean and reduce emissions.

The way how to achieve more than one objective at the same time is planing ahead and be informed about financing possibilities for your business and how to keep your electrical bill lower, reduce maintenance costs and renew your lighting system.

This program is designed by BC Hydro and implemented through contractors who are members of BC Hydro Alliance of Energy professionals in order to achieve common objectives – energy conservation and more efficient use of electrical energy.

How does it help to your business?

Business Energy Saving Incentive is amount of money which is paid by BC Hydro for your project which will reduce energy consumption, such is replacement of light fixtures with new LED technology and installation of timers or occupancy sensors in common areas.

What is the amount of money that a business owner can expect?

Amount of incentives are 30-70% of entire project cost (materials, labour and permits), depending on energy saving calculation and investment return. The more energy saving and shorter time of return means higher incentive amount.

Who is making project proposal and who approves the incentive?

Proposal for the replacement and financing is made by HQ Electrical Solutions, based on owners idea and actual need and the final decision on incentive is made by BC Hydro. It is important to point out that there is no financing for already implemented projects. There is procedure to be followed and when project is officially approved by BC Hydro there is 12 months for implementation.